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Organic pasta

The organic pasta, not only offers the highest quality to the consumer, but is produced in an environmentally not providing for the use of pesticides, in accordance with the requirements of the European Community. The organic line is available in three references of short pasta and long pasta, all drawn to the bronze.

Pasta of durum wheat semolina

Disponibile in numerosi formati e ideale per preparare primi piatti sfiziosi, pastine e minestre.

special durum wheat semolina pasta

Available in numerous sizes and ideal for preparing delicious pasta dishes, soups and pastries.

Special Shapes

The fresh pasta is a valuable product in terms of quality raw materials and production systems. The work brings to mind the image of housewives a time, pulling, with rolling pin and pastry, the pastry to make delicious and inviting based recipes for tagliatelle, pappardelle, tagliolini, scratch card, Filini, bricks, maltagliati, lasagna.

whole wheat pasta

Wholemeal pasta is ideal for cooking tasty pasta dishes, rich in fibers. The pasta is made with grains of biological varieties selected taking into account the attitudes of the growing areas, that the suggestions of the mill and pasta factory.